Put the Campaign Down and Walk Back to Your Strategy

The marketing operations function enables the marketing organization to operate more like a business, with formalized processes, infrastructure, and reporting. Just because the majority of tasks are tactical and based around execution, doesn’t mean that marketing operations shouldn’t think and act strategically.

Our guest speaker, Paula Pollock has seen it time and again: marketing business units diving straight into execution without consideration for the targets, money or time being spent on a campaign. Then either wondering why the campaign didn’t perform or simply throwing more money and time at the project in order to hit the targets.

It’s this failure to step away from the execution of a campaign, to instead think strategically and question projects and push back where necessary that sees hundreds and thousands of dollars (and time) wasted.

We're taking a 30 minute coffee break with B2B strategic marketing expert Paula Pollock to discuss stepping back from tactics to focus on strategy creation.


A little background on our expert

Paula Pollock
CEO & Marketing Advisor
Pollock Marketing Group

Paula has over 25 years of business development, marketing and sales experience in B2B & B2C. Her industry knowledge spans high tech, telecom, finance, medical and ecommerce working for world class brands: GE Digital, Walmart Global E-Commerce, AT&T, Bersin/Deloitte, Shutterfly, Instapage and numerous SMB firms.

Paula now runs Pollock Marketing Group, a San Francisco based firm focused on marketing, sales strategy and outsourcing. Her mission is to help growing organizations scale using solid marketing strategies that focus on digital messaging and campaigns that align with their customer’s journey while keeping spend reasonable. And of course, providing sales with quality leads.