How can Marketing Operations Demonstrate their Impact to the Business?

Darrell Alfonso - AWS - Marketing Operations

Optimizing marketing operations takes more than a team that’s comfortable with CRM, analytics, and marketing automation. It’s also more than having a comprehensive view of marketing.

Marketing operations is most valuable when their initiatives are exposed to all levels and departments of an organization. But with a long to do list this is often deprioritized.

We're taking a 30 minute coffee break with marketing operations leader at AWS, Darrell Alfonso to discuss shuffling those priorities to raise the profile of marketing operations internally.


A little about our expert guest speaker

Darrell Alfonso
Global Marketing Operations Manager
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Aside from leading the global marketing operations team at AWS, Darrell Alfonso was awarded Fearless Marketer 2018 and Marketo Champion 2018 and 2019 and is an active spokesperson in the marketing automation community. Prior to AWS, Darrell worked for Hitwise and American Marketing Association.