How technology is turning MOPs into a Revenue Engine

How technology is turning MOPs into a Revenue Engine

The “Revenue Club” has traditionally been reserved for Sales and occasionally Customer Success. However in today’s world of digitalization and subscription models, not only is Marketing Operations getting a seat, but the seat is continuously growing in value. This growing value comes from MOPS no longer focusing solely on the top of the funnel but the entire funnel.

With a great funnel comes great responsibility and in today’s world that responsibility is more than just ROI on new customers, it's ensuring growth across the existing customer base. Listen as Tom talks about how MOPs can do more across the organization to create a revenue engine.


A little about our expert guest speaker

Tom Keefe
Director of Marketing Operations, Demandbase

Tom Keefe currently runs Marketing Operations at Demandbase, and yet has focused on expanding his knowledge outside of the standard MOPs role. With the belief that there is a very thin line between Marketing, Sales and Customer Operations, he has been able to take this "lack of lane" mentality to make his presence felt across the organization in non traditional areas. Whether it's helping drive new business on the customer facing teams, running trainings and best practice sessions, or marketing led expansion plays, he's put an emphasis on making himself sticky across multiple functions of the revenue department.