Agile Methodology in Marketing Operations

There’s a cult of ‘agility’ emerging in marketing operations departments as businesses look for ways to speed up execution, increase efficiency, track accomplishments and educate internal stakeholders around realistic campaign timeframes.

But, out in the real-world, what does agile look like within marketing operations?

Well just last week, I hosted a live webinar with marketing operations expert, Amanda Tessier to discuss this very question.

A little background on our expert

Amanda Tessier has worked for Instapage, Altisource and Drift. She’s built lifecycle management communications, technology stacks, and growth programs that nearly doubled sales qualified leads within a year, as well as negotiating savings of more than $45,000 (she’s clearly not one to haggle with!)

And in our live session, Amanda shared her expertise in rolling out agile methodology in marketing operations - the challenges, benefits, getting started and results. 

Key takeaways

Well, I’m not here to give the whole story away - because Amanda frames it up better than I ever could given her past experiences. But what I’d like to do is share a few highlights. 

  • People:  Manage up, manage down and around. Just because you have leadership and team buy-in doesn’t mean you should skip expectation setting.
  • Technology: Make your technology stack decisions based on your current and future needs and do your research. 
  • Processes: Create your documentation and revise based on feedback. Feedback, feedback, feedback! Dedicate 25% of your time to gathering, analyzing and implementing decisions based on valid feedback.
  • Be transparent: Celebrate and share the results. With agile you can now track tasks, blockers, delays and detours. Enjoy what you’ve accomplished.
  • Confessions: FunnelGuard has started encouraging our marketing operations community to share those moments where something went wrong - because you can always laugh after the fact and there’s always a lesson to be learnt. You know those times when an email sends without the personalization token, or you accidentally bring down the corporate website. 

And I know we all had a good laugh over Amanda’s confession but just remember - we’re all in this together and we can learn from each other’s mistakes.

Watch the full session

For want of a better saying, want to hear the words direct from the horse’s mouth? You can watch the full session at: 

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